Say hello to your new markets

German And French speaking countries

France and Germany have been the seed of the European Union. The French and German speaking markets represent with over 165 Mio customers about one third of the European population and countless companies producing over 45% of the GDP of the European Union. There is no European Business Development without these markets.

Unfortunately the European market is still far away from a homogeneous market like the US. You still have some different legislation to comply with (e.g. packaging) and in other cases you still have to get registered in each country (e.g. batteries, etc.). Not to speak about the different languages resulting in double translation work, customer service, press and marketing etc. Last but not least to assure quick and cost effective logistic the best is to have local logistics.

All these factors taken together need professionals with long experience and relations to install your business in a quick and effective way in your new markets.

Of course our services are also open to French (speaking) companies heading to the German(speaking) markets and German (speaking) companies heading to the French (speaking) markets.

Other countries may be handled upon request.